Multilingual input implemented in ibus-typing-booster >= 1.4.0

Mike FABIAN, 04 May 2016

Since version 1.4.0, ibus-typing-booster supports using more than one input method/transliteration at the same time. I.e. one can use several languages at the same time without having to switch between different language engines of ibus-typing-booster.

Using the graphical setup tool one can currently only add English as a second language to whatever the main language of that engine is. But that is only a limitation of the setup tool, when doing the setup manually from the command line, up to 10 transliterations (input methods) and an unlimited number of dictionaries can be used at the same time.

But a user should enable only the transliterations and dictionaries which are really useful to him. All enabled transliterations are searched in all enabled dictionaries. This slows down the system and if the user doesn’t really need these transliterations and dictionaries it would lower the prediction/completion quality for him because some completions might come from these unneeded transliterations and dictionaries.

For details how to setup this new feature see Multilingual input.